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I just got off the phone with the representative from Barilla Pasta Sauce. I had called and left a msg about their marinara and Basilico sauces and if they could be cross contaminated with egg,...
Here's the messages I got from Wiltons. I didn't see anything posted from them recently so I wrote again. Sorry for the long post, but this felt like pulling teeth. Dear Julie, Please be aware the...
are plain m&m's nut free
Are they nut free?
Help! My husband was just eating from a package of plain, regular-sized Ritz crackers when he came upon a cracker that looked like it had Peanut Butter on it. There is no "may contains" statement...
Hello, I am wondering if anyone with anaphylactic peanut / tree nut allergy has found a safe brand of castor oil that they'd recommend. I was about to purchase a brand (can't remember which) but then...
Does anyone know whether Health Valley Chocolate Cookie Cremes are safe? There is no "may contain" warning. We'll call the company tomorrow.
I was wondering if anyone has ever spoken to Pillsbury about their refrigerated dough roll - Chocolate Chip Cookies. I know there is no Peanut or Tree Nut in the ingredient statement - but I am...
I have seen Chips Ahoy Original Chocolate Chip Cookies listed as safe for people with peanut allergies but I am now seeing that Chips Ahoy Cookies are made with Reeses Pieces!! So how can they be...
I bought the Food Club brand small tub of orange sherbet and it is distributed by Topco Associates and the phone number is 1-888-423-0139 I called to ask about nuts. Well, they just called me back...
Is the Ritz Carlton Tea for kids safe for peanut allergy?
I have grandchildren with peanut allergies. Is it safe to give them Nabisco Biscos Sugar Wafers?
my daughter has peanut & tree nut allergy can she eat Agar agar does it have any soy protein.
I spoke recently to the manufacturer of Freschetta, Tony's and Red Baron frozen pizzas. Unfortunately, all of the Freschetta pizza are made in a peanut factory in KY. Only the Tony's Super Rise and...
I'm wondering if anybody knows about potential allergens in the flavor extracts used in the Coke Freestyle fountain machines? My daughter has a life-threatening peanut allergy, and she is also...
How do you all feel about Frito-Lay? I've eaten Doritos, and generally do without incident, and I know some people that eat other brands by them as well. I know they make peanut products, but I was...
Hi! I have a PA little boy who will be turning 3 this week (RAST 5). Due to his allergy, I will be baking all items at his party. I really wanted to decorate his cake and thought it would be...
I think I asked this question in the wrong place before... Does anyone know if the hot cocoas are safe, or specifically one or ones that are safe? I just called them after being totally confused by...
Hi; I've started the process of vetting foods I can feed our PN/TN/Egg allergic one year old. I received this recently from Ocean Spray about an inquiry I sent regarding their dried cranberries. I...
Wanted to share the email I received today from Barbara's Cereals http://www.barbarasbakery.com/cereals/ "Thank you for your recent email about our Barbara's Shredded Oats Cinnamon Crunch. We...
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