Hi everyone, I am wondering what you consider safe. Do you consider same line products safe? Do you consider a product safe if it is on the same line but the company cleans the equipment? Example...
Since so many of us call manufacturers to ensure our food is safe for our allergic ones, I found a link from Nutribase listing various 800 numbers such as Betty Crocker, Nestle, etc. (A listing from...
Hi everybody. Just thought I'd share some info on Easter candy that is safe. There is a company in PA called "Just Born Quality Confections" (800) 445-5787. I've been using their candy for...
I just got back from the supermarket where my 6 yr old non pnt allergic daughter talked me into buying Cheese Nips Xtra Cheddar for her. I was wondering whether the natural flavoring in these snacks...
Does anyone have any information regarding food manufacturers and their policies in Canada?
I recently bought a box of Mother's Vanilla Wafers when the store was out of our old standby, Nabisco Nilla Wafers. However, I have not yet given them to my son because I have never tried this brand...
Yesterday I purchased "Banarama" cookies made by the above company located in Des Plaines Il ( I live about 15 miles from there) They were next to "Butterfinger" cookies so I figured they would be...
Hi, thought you all might like to hear about my conversation with a consumer rep at Quaker. I called the Canadian toll-free number today and learned that their rice cakes [all sizes and varieties]...
Previous posts have indicated concerns about shared peanut and non-peanut production lines. The following site is from The Journal of the Americal Medical Assoication. A physician wrote a letter,...
In March, I contacted Kraft r.e. the Pizza Lunchables with the drink and dessert. I do not give them to my child but my concern is that they chose peanut candies, Butterfingers etc and place them...
Here is a website (see link at bottom of this post) that has many resources that might help aid us in identifying companies and products which contain peanuts. Please use this information and post...
I just wanted everyone to know that Snackwells Mint Creme Cookies contain peanut flour. Why on earth they have to make those with peanut flour is beyond me but in case someone didn't know, there it...
My friend says she just bought a container of Ben and Jerry's ice cream ,and on the ingredients that have a caution for food allergic individuals saying that their product may contain peanuts due to...
We checked with Duncan Hines recently about their cake mixes because we were going to a family get together where one of their mixes was going to be used and want to share the following with you: The...
Regarding the Jello concern, they do now make Chocolate Almond- the box is very similar to the plain chocolate one.
When you call 1-800 phone numbers what do you ask?
Called U.S. 1-800-300-8664 on 3/29/99. They view peanuts as an allergan, and so will always list it when it is an ingredient. They will not list it just as a natural flavor. The person could not...
Has anyone called recently to see which U.S. chocolate chip, cocoa and baking chocolate products are safe? Is cocoa more likely to be safe than "solid" chocolate? I will call to verify that I get...
Nestle Canada Inc. Consumer number 1-800-387-4636 25 Shepard Ave. West N. York Ontario M2N6S8 Fax# 416-218-2654 ------------------ [email]"Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com"[/email]
Hi, I've seen a few questions on the bb about wondering what modified food starch is. I ran across this in a FAN peanut flashback: Modified food starch comes from various sources. Corn is...

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