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Safe oils

I am wanting to feed my family with healthy, unprocessed oils (ie. olive, coconut, grapeseed), however, I am concerned about possible contamination by unprocessed peanut oil ( my son is peanut allergic). Can anyone recommend safe oils to use? Or a safe manufacturer? THank you so much!

By irishise on Fri, 03-22-13, 01:11

just researched this for my PA son.

Olive oil: berio (fabulous FAQ section on allergens)
Coconut oil: nature's way efagold (no warnings on label, no reaction on son's skin, they don't seem to make any peanut oils.....I have an email into them now just to triple check). *UPDATE: they have no way of knowing whether or not the facility also processes tree nuts or peanuts.well, there goes that.
Avocado oil: bellavado (this one was a tricky find)
Vegetable oil: still haven't found one. But extra light berio olive oil works perfectly as a substitute

Hope this helps!

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