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Peanut free bulk tree nuts?

My husband, daughter, and I love snacking on tree nuts. I used to get them in bulk from Costco at a great price before our daughter was diagnosed with a peanut allergy, but am discouraged to find that they process them on equipment shared by peanuts. I have called a number of places that source bulk nuts, but am finding few priced anywhere close to as low as Costco, even with some that are direct from the farm.

Where do y'all get your bulk tree nuts? Thanks!

By smithdcrk on Sun, 03-16-14, 22:26

One of the things we have learned is that being peanut free can be more expensive. Specialized or dedicated lines are not a cost savings for the manufacturer, so the costs are shared with the consumer. But, I am willing to pay the extra to avoid the worry and add variety to our diets.

I have found grocery store options that work: Blue Diamond Almonds, Blue Diamond Nut-Thins (cross-contact with almonds, pecans & hazelnuts), Wonderful Almonds (dedicated), Wonderful Pistachios (dedicated).

From Mail Order, and not COSTCO pricing, would be Blue Mountain Organics, but everything is peanut free!

Another option may be a food cooperative or farmer's market. You may be able to make arrangements to purchase nuts in the shell straight from the farmer.

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