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Need Help with Grocery Shopping for Peanut/Treenut allergy for my daughter

I am very curious about what you recommend when it comes to shopping for a child with Peanut/Tree Nut allergy now that all the previously "safe" snacks & cookie manufacturers seem to be coming out with the latest & greatest versions of their products which are Peanut/Peanut Butter versions...ie. Chips Ahoy I always considered safe, but now they have a REESES Chips Ahoy version AND Oreo's which were always on the "safe" list now have a Peanut Butter stuffed cookie! Why, I wonder, in light of all the kids now being diagnosed with Nut allergies have these manufacturers decided it's time to produce Nut versions of their products?? Can I still consider the Non-nut version safe? So upsetting. Soon our children will have nothing to choose from if produced for grocery stores. We'll have to make ALL our own food in order to feel secure in their safety. Any suggestions, opinions, advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

By [email protected] on Thu, 05-02-13, 15:10

Thank you to all who posted suggestions! I have been calling some of the manufacturers these past two weeks and most give you their version of the "we do all in our power to ensure the safety of our consumers...blah blah blah..." but i am almost at the point where i want to take a tour of all these facilities and start a research team to ACTUALLY ensure the safety of our children. I'd like to see for my own eyes the processes they use to "clean" the equipment and what they are doing to ensure there won't be any cross-contamination. I feel I need to become an expert in so many different aspects of allergy safety and I wish there was a new major in college that would earn us parents a degree so we could then go on to educate & help others in the same boat and do so in a more formal/educated way. In answer to the question posed above (as far as I can tell...and only based on the info a "customer service rep" read to me from the company quality statements): The verdict for Cheerios, Nabisco, Entenmann's...they clean/sanitize all equip. between each run & will add the nut disclaimer only if the product is run on same equip. Still not sure whether we can feel 100% confident. What do you all think?

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By [email protected] on Fri, 04-19-13, 16:20

I understand you frustration. I have been there for years. Hence the reason I am in the works of writing an allergy free cookbook. Best suggestion.
Companies change information, processing and ingredients all the time. Read the label every time you shop. Go with Companies that have dedicated facilities for allergy free.
Below is a company that is free from the top 8 allergens and in a dedicated facility. Hope this helps.


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By Valberube on Tue, 04-16-13, 22:37

Hi, I would call the 1-800 number on the ones you normally buy. Christie brand is normally very good about labelling if it might contain but I've learned via accidental exposure (not with cookies with Halloween candy I didn't even know came in peanut butter kind - terrifying) - not to take chances. A 10 minute phone call also let's the company know people are wanting nut free versions too. Best of success to you!

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By holdthenuts on Fri, 04-12-13, 13:52

I know your concern. I have the same concern. It happens a lot with cereal and cookies. I read the package and it does not say peanuts/tree nuts on the package, but you wonder if they really have dedicated plants to make their nut free cookies. Is it really safe?

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