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Girl Scout Cookies False information

I was looking for information on Girl Scout cookies on your site and I received some bad information from a 2010 post about the "good labeling of allergens". This could have created a potentially deadly reaction had I believed the post. I went to the Girl Scout website and only there, after digging for nutrition information, did I find that the cookies are processed on equipment that handles coconut and peanuts.
I couldn't believe the Girl Scouts would be so remiss as to not have that on the packaging.
Thought I'd post because I just experienced this.

By Chantel Donnan on Tue, 04-09-13, 00:13

Thanks so much for sharing this! You would think that, especially with Girl Scout Cookies being so unanimously popular, they would think to label something like that.

You have to wonder, though, maybe they figured it was implied, because two of their cookies explicily contain peanut butter, and one contains shredded coconut? Who knows.

Did you email them and see if they had anything to say on the subject? Could be interesting...

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