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Does anyone know about the safety of Eat and Park smiley

Does anyone know about the safety of Eat and Park smiley cookies? My son is Peanut allergic only.

I feel nervous to try it b/c I have always been told that bakeries are a big no no, but they seem to claim to not use peanuts in the bakery. I see other things online about their cookies being done in a nut free facility but maybe that is if you order their cookies from an outside source? Like online or something? Because their cookies are baked in the individual stores.

Anyway, I was just curious if anyone had any experience with their smiley cookies.....Thanks.

By lynettecyphert on Wed, 08-28-13, 22:06

Personally, I do not allow my daughter to have a smiley cookie. They are made in the restaurant, but could be cross contaminated with the other things that are baked there. Really, I don't trust anything baked anywhere but in my own home.

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