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Malaysia to Canada

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By Hilary on Thu, 05-13-99, 14:01

I am also looking for a carrier that is peanut free to travel from Malaysia to Canada. I had thought that Canadian Airlines(CP) that was peanut free. But perhaps it is only on domestic (within Canada flights). I emailed them from KL and got a response that indicated they were not.

Is Air Canada peanut free (see an earlier post by Mark)?

I also thought that British Airways was peanut free. My mother had sent me a clipping from a Toronto newspaper some time ago about this - but of course I never thought I would fly BA.

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By EILEEN on Thu, 05-13-99, 16:35

Hilary, I have been trying to get in touch with you about Malaysia. I tried sending an email (to your address on the old discussion board). That is where my husband is from and we do spend time there. I would really like to hear how you got on and how you managed to avoid the peanuts.

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By myallergy.msia on Sat, 08-07-10, 04:04

Hello Eileen,

I realized the date of this discussion was last year. I am wondering if you are still residing here. My son is also diagnosed with peanut allergy. Wonder if there are many people out here in Malaysia with this problem?


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By Michelyne Callan on Fri, 08-20-10, 07:54

Hi, I have been living in Kuala Lumpur for the last 3.5 years and have a son who is turning 15 with severe nut allergies. You can live here with the allergy, but obviously have to be on your toes when it comes to food and eating out. We don't eat out much, but some places are aware of the allergy and even have the notice on menus about it. Epipens are available for purchase here in a couple of pharmacies and you can order them through the hospital pharmacies as well.

For airlines from Canada, (we're Canadian), you can fly BA but only get as far as Singapore, then you have to switch airlines because BA doesn't land in Malaysia. We have been travelling on Etihad Airways, From Toronto to Abu Dhabi, to Kuala Lumpur in the last few years. We have also had luck travelling on Japan Airlines as they allow you to complete MEDIF forms stating your allergy and they disinfect the plane before you board and everything. They were actually very good about the allergy.

If you have any questions about living in Malaysia with a nut allergy, please contact me ([email protected])

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By myallergy.msia on Thu, 09-16-10, 04:45

Hi Michelyne,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the late reply. I have sent you a reply to your gmail account.

Good to know which airlines accommodate people with severe peanut allergy. My kids do not really like to fly on planes,so I try not to travel too far. I know SIA and Malaysia Airlines serves peanuts on flight. So far, I do not fly on these airlines.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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By Sophia Shedden on Sat, 02-09-13, 02:20

Thank you for all of this. I now know which airline to take as we travel there again. i have my allergy for i was able to eat chips I guess which is peanut is present.

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