I just wondered if any progress is bring made toward a treatment/"shot" etc for PA? My allergist had submitted my daughter with PA to a study group but we didn't meet one if the criteria, a boy from...
Hello :) When should parents opt to homeschool instead of public (brick and mortar) school? My daughter is able to attend Kindergarten this coming school year. I was wondering what are the thoughts...
Hello, Can anyone recommend a really good allergist in Tampa,Florida? Our son has been diagnosed with peanut allergies. Thank you
Create a Immunocap says he is allergic/sensitive to just about every food he was tested for, but he has always eated the same stuff with no reactions at all...RAST has not picked up on any of these...
My son is 10 and is allergic to peanuts and other tree nuts (pretty much everything but pecan) at varying levels. He was diagnosed at 5. He is also allergic to other things like beans and sesame....
I have a 14 year old with a severe peanut allergy who also happens to be autistic and non verbal as well ( yes, it sucks) my question is...he had his first reaction at 8 months old ( my fault, I was...
I will be asking the same at the church I am planning to attend as well. email from my friend: Hey chick, I am meeting with the chidlren's minister to get our church peanut free. Where can I get...
My husband is allergic to dairy. He has totally given up cheese, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding, icecream--everything! It's been really hard for me. I feel like collateral damage. We no longer...
Our recent trip to Universal Studios was very frustrating. Researching the park menu, etc. before going, I felt we could find something for my daughter to eat at the park. Before ordering food, I...
Hi I'm new to the world of allergies. Yesterday my daughter got allergy tested. We found out she has a severe allergy to almonds. Now this is the confusing part they also tested her for peanut. There...
my daughter was recently diagnosed with peanut and milk allergies where she needs to carry benadryl and an Epi-Pen. She is going away to college in 2014. Does anyone have advice or suggestions about...
At what age do you put the EpiPens on your child or in his backpack rather than leaving them in the classroom with the teacher? Thank you!
I am looking into ordering Zyrtec from Canada Rx. In USA we don't have a generic available (Zyrtec is not OTC), but online it offers the generic - Ceterizine? Has anyone used this? Have you seen...
Does anyone know what TBHQ is? I took my son to Friendlys Restaurants the other day. I had a waitress that was pretty clueless about allergies. I asked if the grilled cheese and french fries had any...
How do I handle my allergy in public places like movie theatres, events with stadium seating, etc. Do I ask the person to move if I was there first or put their peanut food away? Should I move? HELP...
My two year old has been eating peanut butter sandwiches for a year. I wouldn't say terribly often but often enough that I wouldn't expect a reaction (probably at least once or twice a month and we...
My 18 month old has broken out (not hives, but rash) after eating the pre-packaged crackers with peanut butter in them. (Both the bright orange crackers and the wheat crackers). However, she has...
Our 21 month old son was just diagnosed with a severe PB allergy, after a sever attack where I eat PB cookies and kissed him. With this sort of reaction, it scares me to take him anywhere. I called...
Are sesame seeds safe for my son with severe peanut/tree nut allergy?
Has anyone tried the allergy kit? I had heavy metal poisoning and developed many allergies because of it. It took me so long to rid myself of heavy metals (12 years, the doctor didn't expect me to...

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