I have seen Chips Ahoy Original Chocolate Chip Cookies listed as safe for people with peanut allergies but I am now seeing that Chips Ahoy Cookies are made with Reeses Pieces!! So how can they be...
My granddaughter revealed to me that at her Dad's house, her Stepmom walks around the house eating trail mix, kids are fixing their own peanut butter sandwiches, candy containing nuts are kept in...
I just read an article about sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for peanut allergies. Has anyone here ever discussed it with a doctor or tried it? It almost seems too good to be true.... Would love to...
Our highly peanut, dairy and soy allergic 2year Old Child accidentially swallowed a pealed peanut. He seams stable now, but immediately Fell asleep as ist was past his bedtime already. Now we are...
Good evening. I am new to this site and hopefully I can have some questions answered. My 7 yo daughter has a peanut allergy - she had an anaphylactic reaction when she was 3 after ingesting 2...
I was wondering, how do parents keep their kids free from nuts at other places(like cafes, fast food, and public parks). My mother is allergic to bee but she will still go outside. If a child is...
My 2 yr old daughter has a severe peanut allergy. We are going to the allergist again Thursday because despite avoiding all treenuts and peanuts, we are still having reactions. I need help on...
I am new on here and am truly grateful to you all for being a resource. Without what I have read on this website so far, I would know pretty much nothing. Last week my 14 month old son ate some...
I'm eager to start the gaps diet in hopes to reverse my PA/TNA allergy (along with many other hidden ones) that I got within the last year. It calls for a grain free diet, so many of the recipes use...
I was told a couple of months ago by two different sunmaid reps that anyone with peanut allergies should avoid the 1 oz bag size(raisins), the 1 oz box 6 pack (raisins), and any of their fruit in...
I have been trying to find out if perfume has any peanut or tree nut ingredients and have had no luck. I don't think perfume contains peanuts or tree nuts but want to be sure. Has anyone looked...
I am looking for advice from those who understand. My son who is 3.5 has been going to play school since he was 3 years old. I am on the board of the school and until now believed that they are...
I found this company tonight online...mixes for breads, muffins,pancakes, pizza etc...gluten and allergy free including PEANUT! http://www.namastefoods.com/
17-year old boy allergic to peanuts is suddenly feeling the same peanut symptoms when he eats canned soup - including both Progresso and Campbells. No peanut is listed, nor do the soups come from a...
DS has been drinking Gatorade for YEARS. Just recently (over the last 6 weeks or so) he has started developing a rash on his upper lip when he drinks it. At first I thought it was just the "kool aide...
Hello everyone! I'm a 20 year old with a life-threatening peanut allergy. I am also allergic to tree nuts and shellfish. That said, coming across the following video and article was truly unsettling...
Hi Everyone, My DS Ronan (just turned 2, about 37" tall and about 33 pounds) has been seeing a homeopath for about 3 weeks now. He's allergic to everything under the sun, PA, anaphylactic to dairy,...
Is jojoba oil safe to use if you have a nut allergy? Does anybody use this stuff for skin care who have nut allergy? Thanks in advance for your responses.
My dd (18 months) has a suspected PA. She had a SPT that had a wheal of 2mm. From what I've read, 3mm is usually indicative of a positive, but because she is young, this 2mm is a positive. I asked...

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