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What are your daycare's policies?

My dd (18 months) has a suspected PA. She had a SPT that had a wheal of 2mm. From what I've read, 3mm is usually indicative of a positive, but because she is young, this 2mm is a positive. I asked the Dr. about further testing to determine if in fact she does have an allergy, but he said we won't be able to do this for about another year.

Anyway, she was prescribed an Epipen, and this triggers a number of policies and procedures at her daycare. One of these is that we are required to now provide all meals and snacks for her. This daycare however is already allergy aware, and outside food is prohibited. I've asked them to consider this policy on a case by case basis, but they seem firm, even after a letter from her allergist stating that she can continue to have their menu. In fact, she has been fully exposed to it for six months without incident.

Anyone have similar experiences or advice?

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