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UKnow peanut test

Just had this test performed in the last week...results were what I expected, but I thought maybe, just maybe, he would not have the likeliness of the systemic reaction...but alas, the test says he is definitely at risk for it. Sam had his first ANA reaction at 8 months old, and I have managed to make sure he has never had another one...we have flown on planes with peanuts everywhere, accidentally touched them in the grocery store(followed by panicked mommy washing his hands immediately) I guess I thought he would have has some kind of reaction to those things, but he has not...that's why I did the test...it looks like Sam is one of those kids where its ingestion only...thankfully. I just want the peanut allergy to go away...:(( hopefully some of these newer desensitizing options out there will be good to go for people in the next couple years.....when I am dead and gone, who will protect him?? ( he has non verbal autism, and is now 14...he is not going to talk, we know that now) looks like I will continue to worry all the time when he is out of my sight.

By Seamist on Sun, 12-01-13, 16:24

I think it is great that they invented a new test that looks at the different components of peanuts and how individuals may be allergic to each of them. But I think it is also dangerous, because a person may test as low risk, and still have a life-threatening reaction.

I worry all the time too when my son is away from me. He is too young to know how to give himself an injection with an epi-pen. And today, I just found a peanut in the dryer! My husband got home from a trip, and somehow the peanut ended up in the dirty laundry he brought home. Now I am washing the washer and dryer.

Anyway, I empathize with your concern. It would be important now to get more people to learn about your son's allergies, and his care requirements in general, such as babysitters and family members. Then have all the information written down in a place they know to look for it, in case, heaven forbid, something happens to you.

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