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I posted this site under the main discussion, about a peanut allergy study for 18 - 60 year olds. But I also wanted to make sure everyone knew about...
My son had a peanut reaction last week while some students were spreading p.butter on bread. He was not and was seperated. The teacher said my son...
Some good news regarding public school. (can you believe it?) One of the ladies, Nora, from our local support group has a brand new principal this...
I am taking my 4 year-old, peanut-allergic son to Disney from Boston. He is very sensitive - even to touch - if someone else is eating peanuts and he...
Just got back from the grocery store and wanted to report: Bush's BBQ Baked Beans have peanut oil in them. Some of the other varieties of Bush's...
i just found this site yesterday and i am very glad that i did- i have been reading through old postings and i am overwhelmed by the research so many...
Hi all! I'm new to this arena. Looking for some information from those on the "front line", so to speak. Noticed some unusual "bumps" on my nearly...
We are planning a "Family" vacation (with Aunts & Uncles) to Disney World and a Disney Cruise. I can't even begin to tell you how worried I am...
We need your feelings on what it is like to live with peanut allergy. We need to know how much stress you feel, how you cope with it, your...
Is there a Peanut Allergy support group for Austin, TX? Thanks, Tracy

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