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I am the mother of a 10year old boy who was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy at 6. At the time my husband (now deceased) and I agreed to keep...
Seems I read this somewhere online, but can't find it again. It was fairly recent numbers taken from a type of survey. Thanks in Advance Donna
My 5 month old son was tested positive for peanut allergy. I understand this is considered a lifetime allergy. How accurate are tests for determining...
Interesting article... Reuters Health News for March 8, 1999 "Oral challenge" best test for nut allergy [url="http://www.drkoop.com/healthnews/...
[url="http://www.foodingredientsonline.com-"]http://www.foodingredientsonline.com-[/url] seems to be very informative. [This message has been edited...
I just spoke to a physician at the FDA Center. He does see our needs to have natural flavorings listed on ingredient labels. He suggested I write:...
A couple of news articles from the BBC NEWS June 22, 1998 "Breast feeding and pregnant women have been warned that eating peanuts could lead to their...
I am currently working with staff at our local elementary school to prepare a Section 504 plan for my daughter, who will be entering kindergarten in...
While listening to the "Noon News & Comment with Paul Harvey" on the radio today, I was surprised to hear about a man who died following the...
I posted this site under the main discussion, about a peanut allergy study for 18 - 60 year olds. But I also wanted to make sure everyone knew about...

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