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[url="http://www.cadvision.com/allergy/handlingstress.htm"]www.cadvision.com/allergy/handlingstress.htm[/url] Great info!
Well, after all my daycare center complaints, I was the stupid one who caused my son to have an allergic reaction. First off, the reaction was not...
I am looking for anyone in Bergen county , NJ with a PA family member. I am looking for a support group or even to start one. Thanks for any...
I just read a report in our local newspaper about the death of a 31 year old man. He died after accidentally ingesting peanuts. There was a picture...
As a 44-year-old PA person, I have learned the hard way! Here are some rules for living (most of you probably already follow these): 1) Don't eat in...
Hi everyone. Does anyone have any info on this subject. Upon browsing thru this site and some of the links, I have not run across this yet. At the...
Medical documentation of the allergy is very important. It is common to meet resistance when trying to obtain services or inclussion for kids with...
Hi everyone~ Yesterday I ordered a cheeseburger at an itialian restaurant for my 4 1/2 year old son and when I got his plate, I cut his sandwich in...
My 19-month old neice was diagnosed as PA about 6 months ago. She reacted very severly to her first PB&J sandwich--911 came, tube down her throat...
We've been offered the opportunity to have our daughter's school purchase cupcakes which will be the only food offered at school birthday parties......

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