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Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am going to Kindergarten in September. Are there any hints for staying safe at school? My Mom is going to meet with...
Does anyone have any information about marshmallows? I know that Kraft sold their candy manufacturing business,so they no longer make the Stay-Puft...
If you want something to hold your (or your child's) epipen, I'd recommend going to Roots. They have slim leather cases witha snap, for pencils. But...
Hi, I'm at work and someone just asked me for help translating the word peanut into a number of other languages. [I'm a librarian.] I thought I would...
My daughter has a peanut allergy. Her allergist feels she could also be allergic to beans and lentils. I don't know if she's ever eaten these...
Sony built a mega-entertainment center near the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. The center is called the Metreon and has many fun things...
HI! I'm so glad I found this board... Since this is my first post, let me introduce myself. My name is Mary, my husband is Curt, and we have a...
Has anyone had a negative CAP Rast test and if so, what was done and what was the outcome? At two my son had a level II on the CAP Rast - Now at 4...
Thanks everyone again for all your wonderful comments. I'm still going back and forth whether to homeschool my 4 1/2yr old or find another pre-...
ACAAI (Amer. College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology is hosting an International Food Allergy Symposium on Thursday, November 11, 1999 at the...

Peanut Free and Nut Free Directory

Peanut-Free/Nut-Free Directory

Our directory is intended as a resource for people with peanut and nut allergies. It contains foods, helpful products, and much more.

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Where do you get your peanut allergy information?
The internet
My allergist
Friends or family
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