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Sign my petition to vaccine manufacturers requesting full disclosure of ingredients


Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, SanofiPasteur, Pfizer, CDC, FDA: Disclose full list of all vaccines' ingredients and if peanut is used in them

THREE MILLION Americans suffer from peanut allergy and experts are not sure why. Some theorize that peanut oil is used in our vaccines, causing hypersensitivity to peanut, later leading to peanut/treenut allergy. We need to know the truth. Even if only a minority of people vaccinated were to develop peanut allergy, this is unacceptable because this is a lifelong condition with no known cure. Peanut/treenut allergies cause extreme hardships and anxiety for patients and families everyday at every meal for the rest of their lives. Peanut allergy is the most lethal of all food allergies killing more people than any other food allergy. Peanut/treenut is ubiquitous in our society. It is in all schools, most restaurants and processed foods. Avoiding it completely is virtually impossible. Patients with peanut allergy are likely to have a reaction within three years (95% chance). The most important treatment, Epinephrine (Epipen), is not 100% guaranteed to work.

Vaccinations are important and they do save lives, but we need to develop safer vaccines for EVERYONE. We should not be iatrogenically producing uncurable diseases in ANY patient receiving vaccines. We have very advanced science and we cannot find a safer alternative adjuvant to use in vaccines besides peanut oil? That is hard to believe. We are The United States of America! In addition, we have the right to know what substance we are injecting in our bodies. Partial vaccine ingredient disclosure is unacceptable. Vaccine manufacturers cite "trade secrets" as justification for witholding complete vaccine ingredients information.

Childhood vaccines are universally mandated in U.S. schools. More and more vaccines are being recommended for adults, as well. If we do not make sure that our vaccines are safe and free from peanut oil, many more people could keep acquiring and dying from peanut allergy. IF YOU DO NOT SIGN THIS PETITION, YOU, YOUR CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN COULD BE NEXT TO BE AFFLICTED WITH PEANUT ALLERGY, AN UNCURABLE AND DEADLY ILLNESS.

For my daughter who suffers from peanut allergy as well as three million more Americans it may be too late. But perhaps it is not too late for saving countless others from this fate.

I humbly thank you for your signature.

Some resources for references on this topic include: Heather Fraser's book "The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic," and New York Times articles from 9/19/1964 and 11/11/1966 announcing successful results in thousands of patients receiving vaccines containing peanut oil.

By AmberC. on Sat, 12-28-13, 03:35

Hi pxleal, how is it going with your petition?

Have you contacted any of the Peanut Growers Associations? I would think that they would have a large financial interest in solving this mystery.

Do you think vaccine manufacturers are larger consumers of peanut/peanut oil than say all lost business from the peanut allergic?

I'm wondering if a back-door approach might work? For example, could we track this through brands of vaccines? i.e. the study in DC that shows there are larger amounts of peanut allergy there

Perhaps they use certain vaccine brands exclusively?

Anyway, it's an important question and we so deserve to know the truth!

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By AmberC. on Sun, 10-27-13, 20:30

This is an excellent idea! Thank you for starting this.

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By Player11753 on Tue, 08-20-13, 01:56

Trade secrets should be no problem, we only want to know about contact with life threatening allergens, which is 100% reasonable, and not overly burdensome.

I don't understand why corporations don't do this voluntarily, it is, as they say in the legal field, "conduct that invites regulation"

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By pxleal on Wed, 10-15-14, 16:26

Currently, laws do not mandate corporations to disclose potential allergens. Until we have a law requiring allergen disclosures, it will not happen universally.

We also need to revisit the idea of GRAS status for highly refined oils. There is allergen present in highly refined oils, and peanut protein has been detected in highly refined peanut oil. Why the FDA does not require highly refined oils to be labeled is mind-boggling! This is another area where I see we need to revise our laws.

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By pxleal on Wed, 10-15-14, 16:21

If vaccines are patented, why would manufacturers worry about protecting trade secrets? We know for a fact Merck patented a vaccine containing peanut oil, or adjuvant 65, as reported in NY Times in 1966. Article includes patent number!

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