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Protein Bars

Hi, My 16 year old son is looking for a safe protein bar to support his active sports life. Does anyone have any suggestions of bars that he can have? He has a severe peanut allergy and avoids all nuts. thanks!

By ldwells62 on Tue, 06-03-14, 21:20

Candice Foods makes AMAZING, allergen free, protien bars. My daughter loves them and so did I. The bars come in several different flavors and we love ALL of them. Give them a try. They are a manufacturing company that is deciated to allergen free bars. Here is their link: http://www.candicefoods.com/. Like I said, my daughter, who is allergic to peanuts/tree nuts, and I, have tried these bars and they are simply delicious.


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By Jo-Anne on Sun, 06-01-14, 17:41

Peanut and tree nut granola bars are hard to find! In addition to the brands listed in the response, our family enjoys Bee Nut Free - they have granola bars, energy bars, trail mix, and cookies. www.beenutfree.com

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By challinan on Sun, 06-01-14, 15:32

CandiceFoods.com - yummy!

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By PeanutAllergy.com on Thu, 05-29-14, 22:43

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Our Answer:

Nuts and nut byproducts are in tons of different protein bars, energy bars, and other quick snacks. As you know, it is very important to avoid these products.

Ingredients to avoid include peanut butter, other nut butters, nuts, peanut flour, other nut flour, peanut oil, other nut oils, and other obvious sources of peanuts and tree nuts. Unfortunately, many protein bars are made using these ingredients. Brands of protein bars that have many peanut and nut flavors include Clif, PowerBar, Quest, and Pure Protein. You may want to avoid these brands to keep your peace of mind.

We found some companies that claim to make 100% peanut-free and nut-free protein bars: Avalanche Nut-Free Bars, TheSimplyBar, and AllerEnergy. Additionally, if you decide to try Luna, Clif, and/or Balance bars, there are some nut-free varieties, but make sure to use caution as most of their bars contain nuts.

You could also consider making your own protein bars. That way you can guarantee they are nut-free and you won’t have to worry about cross-contamination.

Here is a helpful article on how to stay safe while consuming protein bars.

We asked our Facebook fans for their suggestions, and you can read their responses here.

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By Bennet on Wed, 05-28-14, 12:26

I get these for my son. he and his lacrosse & Soccer & hockey team love them.


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