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Peanut & Tree Nut Allergy

I am a father of two boys with severe peanut and tree nut allergies. Is it common for people with a peanut allergy to also have a tree nut allergy? Neither my wife or I have any food allergies. It just seems strange that they are both allergic to both nut types. Anyone else have experience with this?

By cathlina on Sat, 01-12-13, 23:16

I have seen stories for the past 10 years that persons are allergic to both. Any nut can be contaminated with another type of nut during production. Another one to watch for is egg allergy, many persons with peanut allergy also are allergic to eggs. Peas (the vegetable) also share the same proteins as peanuts. I am allergic to peanuts, peas and eggs!

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By jenteme on Fri, 01-11-13, 02:01

Yes, it is common. People with severe peanut allergies are often allergic to tree nuts as well. My daughter has a deadly peanut allergy and is allergic to several kinds of tree nuts, although not nearly as bad as the peanut. My husband and I don't have food allergies, either, and from what our allergies told us, people inherit the tendency to be allergic, not a specific allergy. I asked what causes someone's body to choose a specific allergy and he told me if he figured that out he'd be a gazillionaire.

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