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PA child at Daycare

I've never posted on here before. I don't have a PA kid, but I work at a daycare with a 5 year old with severe peanut and tree nut allergy. When she started her mom told us two snacks we could give her-Great Value honeybuns and Hostess powdered donuts. Our daycare cook has always been really great at keeping PA child's snacks seperate and reading labels and allergy warnings. I have noticed though that she is giving PA child different snacks than we were told she could have. She always reads all of the ingredients and allergy warnings, but I'm a bit nervous that we're feeding the child snacks that we weren't told we could.

Cook is giving her snack cakes from Great Value, Chips Ahoy cookies, and Whales crackers.

Does this sound okay to any of you? Cook insists that these snacks are safe for PA child and she is very careful with what she feeds her. Any thoughts on this from those of you who deal with this on an everyday basis? Thanks!

By Chantel Donnan on Fri, 05-10-13, 00:25

I agree with "mamatofour," get the parent's permission before the cook gives her anything else. It's just safer for everyone, because you don't know what other food aversions the girl has.

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By Teebst on Sat, 04-27-13, 04:26

The Whales crackers from Stauffer's should have a clear peanut contamination warning on the box.

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By mamatofour on Mon, 03-11-13, 20:06

I think I would request a letter from the parent that gives the cook (ONLY!) permission to choose peanut-safe snacks. My son has a peanut allergy and if I was in that situation and found the day care giving him unapproved snacks (even if the cook thinks they are safe) I would be upset. However, if the mom trusts the cook and her ability to pick safe snacks then I'd get it in writing.

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