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Non-PA Kids

We would much rather do a whole family avoidance diet instead of risking having anything peanut in the house. How did you get your non-PA kids to understand that they could no longer eat peanut products?

By Pamela S Hughes on Sun, 02-16-14, 21:54

We have been there! When we discovered our one-year-old had a life-threatening peanut allergy, it was really tough for obvious reasons. One of the hard things I faced was having to tell his older brother (4 yrs old) that we would no longer keep anything peanut in the house. He and I lived on peanut butter & jelly sandwiches! Sweet big brother never asked for anything, which made this even harder. SO I explained to him that peanuts were like poison to his little brother. We needed to make things as safe as we can at home so no one gets seriously hurt. Just like Dad & I keep them safe from bad guys and dangers, we need to be a team that keeps little brother safe. That means we won't have peanut stuff in the house any more. But when he's at a friend's house and grandparents' without brother, he could have it there. And we found "I.M. Healthy" brand non-GMO soynut butter is really yummy too. Big brother handled it great and took on a kind of superhero role defending his brother from all kinds of dangers. :) It's not a fun transition but we found it was so much easier to do "peanut-free home" so when babysitters and friends were over, we knew our little guy was safe. It was still hard on some days for big brother but every once in a while when he was away from home and we were alone, we'd go get a Butterfinger and wash his hands before he got back home. We used it as an opportunity to teach family looks out for each other, even when it means a sacrifice. I hope this helps - it has made things so much easier for us.

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By GreenMachine22 on Thu, 02-20-14, 21:17

I hope things go smoothly for us like they do for you!

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