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It is a common practice for supermarkets to display loose peanuts in open containers. This practice opens the possibility of cross contamination throughout the store. Shells are discarded on the floor, baskets and carts.
The prevalence of people today with peanut allergies has tripled in the last decade. 3 million people in the U.S. suffer from nut allergies according to
It's the most common form of food related death says
This petition is to have a general bill proposed to ban the display of loose peanuts in open containers. This does not ban the sale of peanuts in its entirety, bagged and jarred peanuts would still be available.
This would protect unsuspecting children and adults from unnecessary exposure.
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By HELENE on Tue, 01-22-13, 02:14

Thank you for doing this!!
signing it right now!

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By peanutallergyguru on Tue, 01-22-13, 02:07

That was a typo, it's "OUR" supermarkets...sorry about that

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