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my sister in law things PA are a joke

I have a 3 yr old with a severe PA. A lot of the local schools have gone peanut free this year, which has caused my sister in law to act like a wild woman on a rampage against PA. She is continually posting jokes and making nasty comments out leaving residue on a surface so a PA child can find it. She does not believe that there can be reactions from other contact other than ingestion. I have tried to educate her and talk to her about how this is a very serious allergy and can be fatal. She refuses to listen and continues her comments. It is very very hurtful to both my husband and myself. Luckily, our child isnt old enough to understand the hatred that is coming from her aunt. It also shows that she has no love, care or empathy for our child. My husband wants to write her off and be done with her. I struggle with that because I grew up in a very tight family and family is very important to me. But I am not sure what else we can do to get her to understand this allergy as well as how much pain she has caused our family. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how to deal with difficult family members. I know that people that dont have to live with PA, dont understand them. I didnt understand them until I had to when my child was 13 months old and we found out the hard way. But my family has gone above and beyond to protect my child and learn about this. I dont know what to do with someone that looks at this as a joke.

By PaulaSquillacioti on Wed, 10-09-13, 21:00

I do not care who it is, people do not understand and never will until they live it everyday. It is a constant battle in families, schools, and anyone else who doesn't understand. With any luck, she will develop an allergy of some sort. My aunt is 68 years old and is allergy to shell fish now.

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By jshecathorn on Fri, 10-11-13, 03:06

we havent had to face too many issues yet as our child is just barely 3 years old. I understand how people on the outside dont get it, but such a close relative? And yes, I can say that I can only hope she some day comes down with a food allergy and see how funny it is then.

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By jshecathorn on Wed, 10-09-13, 18:27

the title was supposed to say 'thinks' not things. thats what I get for not proof reading :)

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