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My husband is allergic to dairy. He has totally given up

My husband is allergic to dairy. He has totally given up cheese, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding, icecream--everything! It's been really hard for me. I feel like collateral damage. We no longer have pizza, tortellini, ceral, or smoothies--3 things we at A LOT. What can I do to make this easier on both of us? I do not have a dairy allergy.

By kricar on Tue, 07-23-13, 16:15

Replacing dairy with non dairy ingredients is time consuming but well worth it. My daughter has a dairy allergy and I am lactose intolerant so I have found ways around cooking without it. One problem I have never had is a weight problem I have been thin my entire life and the only thing I avoid is dairy so it must be that.

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By Saralinda on Fri, 07-19-13, 17:56

All good comments, but what about substitutes like soy, almond or rice milk? I am allergic to soy and almonds, but I know that soy based cheeses and yogurts exist. Some are straight out replacements. Others require tweaking. Good luck and remember a healthy family is worth the sacrifice.

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By selenarae on Fri, 07-19-13, 17:34

I used to be a complete cheese-a-holic, but then my daughter developed a life-threatening milk allergy. I was eating it outside the home for a while, then realized when I started cooking more at home, and therefore more "cheese free", that I actually had a HUGE problem with milk products, even though it was not a life-threatening, immediate allergy like hers. You might find that giving up milk is the best thing that ever happened to you, even if it wasn't something you planned.

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By GBTrainwreck on Tue, 07-16-13, 22:56

I've had dinner at a friend's house where allergies are a real problem for everyone and they have a pretty big family. What they do is that they make separate meals on occasion, or variations of the same meal. For example one day they will all eat taquitos, which are fried tacos, but some of them have allergies to corn, so they can't have regular tortillas so they use flour tortillas instead. If you can do small exchanges like that, maybe you could still have dairy in his presence so neither of you feel guilty!

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By GinaR on Tue, 07-16-13, 22:45

Try going out to eat with friends more often! If they don't have allergies, you can spend that meal and that time enjoying good conversation and not worrying about what's in your food.

Also, try taking dairy snacks with you to work! Or fixing up a lunch with dairy in it. You can indulge in it but he won't have to see you eating it and feel sad!

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