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my daughter was recently diagnosed with peanut and milk

my daughter was recently diagnosed with peanut and milk allergies where she needs to carry benadryl and an Epi-Pen. She is going away to college in 2014. Does anyone have advice or suggestions about how to find a school,live-in or commute, food plans, etc...?
Thanks in advance,I'm concerned about what and how she will eat especially since she had a problem in a diner when we were assured that there was NO butter on her food, but her lips swelled and became numb.

By GBTrainwreck on Tue, 07-16-13, 20:40

I agree with the above statement, my friend has some severe allergies, but we went to a college that has a great medical facility and her apartment was right across the medical center and the emergency room. I think it would be a great idea to look into colleges that offer serious medical help/health care.

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By Saralinda on Wed, 07-03-13, 21:35

First of all, if she is old enough and mature enough to go to college, she is old enough to take charge of her own allergies. Calm down. She will be ok. That said, as she looks for a college, pick ones that will take her allergies seriously. She might consider a university that has a medical school attached in case of emergency. At a minimum, she needs to know how the college would handle a medical emergency. This means that SHE should contact the food service department of the school and find out how the school handles allergies and ask for answers to her concerns. Also she should find out if, as a freshman, she might live off campus and be able to do her own cooking. Some dorms allow students to have a mini fridge in their room. Stock that with lots of good stuff that she can eat. Find a roommate who understands what she is going through; perhaps one who has similar allergies.

Once she gets to campus, she should speak to the resident assistants, house mothers, roommates, etc., about her allergies, and teach them how to use an epipen and anything else she might need. Make friends with the people at food service. Also, be sure to let your teachers know how serious your food allergies are if there is any danger that your fellow students might snack on Snickers during class. Ask that the teachers make a general announcement in each class about allergies and the needs of some students not to exposed.

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