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I am in need of the wisdom and knowledge of all. DD (17)

I am in need of the wisdom and knowledge of all. DD (17) has been suffering for over two years. We had been going after one cause only to learn this week that actually the root cause is a different food allergy. Now we have learned that all her internal pain and extreme discomfort is a soy allergy. We come home and go threw her shelf in the pantry and everything she has been eating contains soy in some form or another. It has been a challenge to find all nut free foods that she would eat as many of you know. Now we need to completely re think all her foods. Everything from the butter or spread she is use to, bread products, and so much we never thought of before. We have quicky learned that soy is in EVERYTHING. We also live in a town with no health food store so I need a way to order on line for the basics and we can make a trip in twice a month to a health food store in a bigger city. I am also seeking any knowledge about what is real soy that contains the allergin. We see soy lethicin in many things and other soy this soy that. Vegitable oil contails soy. So confused and need information as quickly as possible.

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