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I know this is early but my husbands family is starting to plan for the holidays. they have everyone bring something for dinner. I am worried about going cause of my daughters pa. a lot of them use peanuts or things that contains nuts. I am not sure what to do, but this would kill all the kids and my husband if we didn't go. I have told everyone about her allergy. I would appreciate it if anyone can help me about this.

By PeanutAllergy.com on Thu, 09-26-13, 23:16

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Our Answer:

Holidays and big get-togethers can be stressful for anyone with (or anyone related to someone with) food allergies.

Telling your family about your daughter’s peanut allergy was the first step you needed to take. Make sure that they understand the severity of her allergy.

You may want to ask them if they are willing to make holidays peanut-free so that your daughter can enjoy the celebration without having to worry about an allergic reaction. You can also recommend some PA-friendly recipes that are great for the holidays. Check out our recipes section for ideas!

However, if they decide not to go peanut-free for the holidays, you can still go to the get-together. Here are some tips:
- Ask to see labels and boxes of foods that others bring to the party.
- For home-cooked meals, request that your family members either label the dishes that contain peanuts or bring a list of the ingredients for you.
- During the celebration, make sure to check your daughter’s plate before she starts eating. You could also bring an entire meal for your daughter to eat.
- Ask that everyone washes his or her hands thoroughly before getting close to your daughter.

We wish you the best of luck and hope that your family has a fun and safe holiday season!

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By raye on Sun, 09-29-13, 17:06

I respectfully disagree with asking family to refrain from cooking with nuts at holiday time. Rather, I would prepare her favorite comfort foods (yes, even mac and cheese) but keep it very festive for her. If she likes turkey or chicken, you can buy a package of pieces and cook them her favorite way, adding nut-free dressing and veggies that she likes, and be sure she has some special foods like cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie, whatever is nut-free that you can prepare and bring along. I would also suggest that you buy from one of the many online nut-free facilities, some of the delicious chocolate turkey-shaped lollipops, or Smiley-face candies--anything festive. Get enough to share with the other kids, for sure, so their dessert can be the same as hers! Instruct your child to, under no circumstance, take so much as a taste of ANY FOODS EXCEPT WHAT YOU GIVE HER. At the party, you can post a sign, maybe in the bathroom, or some convenient place, "Hi! Mary is EXTREMELY allergic to nuts, so please, do not offer her even a bite of ANY foods--no candy, no snacks. She has her own delicious lunch-with-no-nuts, and has brought some great candy to share with the other kids. THANKS!" Just before eating, again, make the announcement in a serious way: "I just wanted to again remind everyone-- Mary is EXTREMELY allergic to ANY NUTS (OR PEANUTS, whatever it is), so I need to say again that she has her own super-Thanksgiving lunch and under no circumstnces can she even taste any other foods here. And by the way, she brought some great chocolates (or nut-free pumpkin cookies, whatever)to share with the other kids!" so Mary can definitely eat lots of those:-)!!" Then, go DIRECTLY and prepare your daughter's very attractive plate, which will look much like everyone else's, if you plan it right--but will just be safe and nut-free. Bottomline, YOU prepare any food she might eat at gatherings. Consult her--ask her "What SPECIAL treats would you like to have to eat for Thanksgiving at Grandma's?

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By mom1995 on Thu, 09-26-13, 00:43

It's never too early to start reminding everyone. In our family there is one my husbands Aunts that always is in charge of cordinating the dishes, she sends out the emails and reminds everyone to only bring nut free food. We had an issue one year and I explained that unless it was going to be nut free then we could not attend. Just that simple. I made sure that all the extended family understood that even second hand contact or left over residue on anyone of them would send us to the hospital and could potentially kill our daughter. I won't lie there is always that one person who just does not get it but every year we have a great family event. There have even been creative deserts just for us like pecanless pecan pie. Which is really just a sugar pie that when she was 6 and 7 she thought was the coolest thing ever. There are so many foods that can be served without nuts it really is not an issue. Only and individual can be an issue but not the allergy.

By tandgmom on Thu, 10-17-13, 02:40

I always remind everyone not to bring/make anything containing nuts initially when we set the time & then again a few days before the holiday (before everyone has started cooking). Then, I always make a couple of dishes my dd loves as well as a dessert (that I keep wrapped up away from all the others.) Then, after the blessing, I fix her a plate (or two) mainly of what I brought or what I KNOW is safe and then put my dishes out with the rest to share. That way I don't have to worry about cross contamination.

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