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Educating others so they understand the severity

My 2 yr old daughter has a severe peanut allergy. We are going to the allergist again Thursday because despite avoiding all treenuts and peanuts, we are still having reactions. I need help on educating family and friends to make them aware of how severe and life threatening this could be. I have also become the label reading queen, and double check with many manufacturers. With all the possibilities for contamination out there, it can make one crazy! I would prefer not to learn by error, so any information other parents/PNA-TNA can offer would be much appreciated. I am thankful for this site has made me more aware, but it also scares the heck out of me.

By jmfree on Thu, 12-27-12, 05:02

Hi - you should check out Peanutallergyguru.com - it is a blog-type website written by a teenage girl with a severe Peanut/Tree Nut allergy. She has written some articles for this website and I feel that she would be able to help you - her personal email is on the website it is, [email protected] Her mom is known to give brilliant advice as well when it comes to the strategy of dealing with the allergy with family, school and friends.

I hope you all the best and I really suggest you check her out!

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By Matey on Thu, 12-27-12, 01:03

Sadly, for me, my husband's family did not take it seriously until they were around for an episode. Swelling, hives, and screaming fit were all a result of my sister in law feeding my nephew a pb sandwich and not cleaning his hands. My peanut allergic son got some peanut butter in his eye and it all went from there. Apparently, she thought we were not serious. So now the whole family seems to take it seriously. Well...except for her. Minutes before our arrival for Christmas she got out some trail mix for a snack. My mother in law flipped out and told her not to go anywhere near my son.

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By akeadonise on Fri, 12-28-12, 02:23

Matey, that is horrible! I had some skeptics to deal with. Fortunately none will go as far to test it. I am left with uneasy feelings about family gatherings, and know I cannot trust anyone to fully comprehend how easily her food can be contaminated with peanuts. Any reaction is one too many for me. Wishing you a safe holiday season!

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By chipbuddy on Wed, 12-19-12, 21:52

Do you have any specific questions? It's a little tough to know where to start.

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