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I have seen Chips Ahoy Original Chocolate Chip Cookies listed as safe for people with peanut allergies but I am now seeing that Chips Ahoy Cookies are made with Reeses Pieces!! So how can they be safe???!! I just called Nabisco who acknowledged that use the same equipment. My 5 year old daughter has a severe peanut allergy so this topic is near and dear to my heart. So others should be warned and their cookies should not be listed as safe snacks for kids with peanut and tree nut allergies.

By corgi_r on Fri, 01-11-13, 21:06

Well I just spoke with Nabisco, the company that maunufactures Chips Ahoy and they have assured me that the Chips Ahoy with Reeses are manufactured in a totally separate facility from their other Chips Ahoy cookies so I feel relieved.

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