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What do you all think of Chipotle? I just discovered that Chipotle is a peanut and tree nut free restaurant, which is fantastic. I emailed them to ask about whether other ingredients are processed with PN/TN but haven't heard back yet. I would love to have a restaurant option for my PN/TN allergic child, although I'm still a little wary of eating out.

By melissadub on Tue, 11-19-13, 20:25

My youngest son has a peanut allergy and we found out that Moe's is also TN/PN free (besides their individually wrapped cookies).

(** Some products are processed in a plant that contains peanuts, tree nuts, milk and soy.)

When we go, my son gets a Quesadilla. My two other kids are so happy we can actually go out to eat and it's their favorite place!!! I prefer Moe's to Chipotle, but glad to know this is another place we can possibly go! Keep us posted on any response you may get!

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By nutfreenyc on Mon, 11-18-13, 16:00

Not sure where you live, but I started a website documenting nut free and allergy-friendly restaurants in nyc and surrounding cities!


Hope this can help you!

By theory on Tue, 11-19-13, 17:13

Thank you, Rebecca! That is a fantastic resource! I have bookmarked it.

By theory on Sun, 11-10-13, 18:34

Thanks for your response, Chloe! I am happy to hear that.

Just fyi to anyone reading this. A response from Chipotle's CS: "Yes, the already prepared food and ingredients are NOT made/processed in a facility with tree nuts or peanuts." But one should probably contact them oneself to allay any concerns.

I was so happy to see they post all ingredients for tortillas etc online as well so I can see if there are any other allergens.

I'm very impressed by Chipotle.

By ceo212 on Sun, 11-10-13, 02:10

I also feel obligated to comment on this. I have a severe peanut/tree nut allergy, and I eat at Chipotle multiple times a week. It's fantastic! I would highly recommend it- never had an issue. Also, here's a link to their website that says nothing they have in the restaurant contains peanuts/tree nuts



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By andrealg on Thu, 11-07-13, 19:07

Hi theory!

I'm a longtime lurker on these boards, but a first-time poster. I saw your Chipotle question and finally felt the need to chime in on the boards. I am ana to TN (no peanut allergy), so this might not fully address your concerns. I personally eat Chipotle 4-5 times a week and have for several years with no issues. I don't remember if I've ever called about cross-contamination, but I am extremely cautious about my allergies, so I think I must have researched it online before ever trying the place and decided they're a safe bet. The ingredients are very simple, like fresh veggies and meats, so I think the chances of cross-contamination are probably low. As I said, I'm ana to most tree nuts, and I've eaten everything on the menu, so I feel I would probably have had an issue by now if there were any TN cross-contamination. Hopefully someone else can speak to the peanut part of your question. Take care!


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By theory on Fri, 11-08-13, 20:21

Thanks so much for your reply, Andrea! It is great to hear that is has been consistently safe for you. We're going to try Chipotle soon. I'm excited about the possibility of finally having a restaurant to go to with my child.

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