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Birthday Parties with a peanut allergy

My daughter started preschool this yr. and we have been invited to birthday parties. While some moms right away assure me everything is nut free, others do not and I am unsure as to the etiquette. This week, I received an invite and when I asked the mom...her reply was other family members are making food and she would be fearful of nuts or cross contamination. Does that mean we are not welcome? Not really sure how to keep my child safe at these events.

By loriradakovich on Wed, 03-06-13, 22:35

Hi. My daughter is almost 13 yrs. old and has been diagnosed with severe peanut and tree-nut allergies since 15mths of age. I don't believe you are not welcome, I believe the other parent is worried also.I've been through similar experiences. What I ended up doing was informing the parents of the bday party of my child's severe food allergies. I know it's awkward to explain sometimes. I tell them my child would be delighted to help their child celebrate their birthday. I also ask if they would mind if my child brought her own snacks (the parents are busy planning the party so it does make it easier to just provide your own safe treats). I have never had a problem with doing this. I always have a few cupcakes in my freezer that I give to my child in stead of eating the bday cake at the party. In the beginning I went with her to every party just to make sure she didn't eat the cake or something she shouldn't. I also had to tell her that the real reason for going to a friends party was to be with her friend, not to eat cake. And I've always told my daughter that ANY time there was something she couldn't eat I would subsitute it with something yummy that she COULD eat. I also make choc. chip cookies at the start of every school yr. and the school keeps them in the freezer so she can get one whenever other kids bring in treats she can't have. Good luck! My child is almost 13 now. We've been through the parties, the team sports, elementary school, middle school and nxt yr the H.S. Just remember there ARE many parents that are understanding, they are just unfamiliar with food allergies. /my goal was always to have my kid be able to live as normal a life as possible while still being safe. It's hard. But possible. :)

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