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Baby with peanut butter reaction

My 7 months old seem to get hives wherever peanut butter touches her. I haven't seen any around her face yet as she haven't tried eaten them. The hives came from my fingers where I've touched her .I've never touced her on the face, so I do not know if her lips will swell up or anything yet. At first, I though it was something else that was triggering it but after I ate peanut butter again , It happened again. This time after weeks of hive free, I rubbed a little bit of peanut butter on her arm, and sure enough, she developed hives and redness that very same spot.It appears a few minutes after I applied it (but wiped off). Does this mean she could be deathly allergic if she is having skin reaction? I've notice one of the study showed that not all people who are deathly allergic show skin reaction so I hope skin reaction is a sign of being less likely have anaphylactic shock as most don't have skin reaction when rubbed peanut butter on their skin.

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