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allergic reaction to a burrito

Hi all, I am new to the site and I have a cpl questions.
I went to a mexican place in Junction City, Kansas called "Panchos" I got a "fiesta burrito" and about after 5min my lips were on fire and were swollen, and i had bumps allover my arms and hands and couldnt breathe. Im fine right now but im havin trouble breathing and just wondering what ingredient in the burrito caused this?
I eat other things at this resturant like chicken and beef tacos as well as a chimichanga...... so this is weird to me. if someone can respond back to me or email me at [email protected] about this itd be great. this isnt the first time this has happend. thanks....

By gmlmom on Tue, 04-16-13, 21:28

Hi Joyceann,
Years ago we had been alerted that some Mexican restaurants were using peanut oil in their sauces. My daughter is severely allergic so we have learned through the years that anything with a sauce in a restaurant can be a risk. They had peanut oil to all sorts of things that you would not imagine or do at home. As the other person said, the mole almost always has peanuts in it so cross contamination could have been the reason in your case. One of the Mexican restaurants in our area has peanut sauce on 1 item. But when I inquired to see if we could eat there safely I was told they grind the peanuts in their kitchen for the sauce. So everything in the kitchen is cross contaminated so we don't go near the place. Good luck.

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By blprestangen on Mon, 04-01-13, 16:06

You should ask the restaurant what specifically was in the burrito. But, there is one possibility. If the burrito had Mole sauce in it, sometime peanuts are used to make Mole sauce. Just a thought and a question to ask them.

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By CelesteMartinez on Thu, 03-28-13, 20:51

You have to be very careful when you go to restaurants and always make sure you tell them you are allergic to peanuts. im allergic to pecans and have this past year i have been to the hospital. always ask. Yesturday i was going to buy a sandwich from Chick fil a and went to there menu to see what they had and they are fried with peanut oil.

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