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lupin seeds a threat to peanut allergic people.

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By williamsmummy on Fri, 09-28-01, 16:06

the anaphylaxis campaign (uk) have mentioned that lupin seeds may course a reaction to nut allergic people. has any one else heard this,? how widespread is lupin in manufactured food? Is it clearly labeled ?
how common is this allergy?
i have never heard of this, any info for my now curious and puzzled mind would be interesting.
lupins! and i thought they were just a nice flower!
bye sarah

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By JackieC on Fri, 09-28-01, 16:51

My limited understandingis that it is used primarily overseas in Europe. It is found in the form of lupine flour and would be labeled as such. My recollection from a conference session lead by allergist, Dr. Scott Sicherer, is that lupine protein is very similar in structure to the peanut protein. Therefore those with PA should be cautious. I have chosen to avoid it for my PA son, although I have never come across it in any foods yet.

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By julieb on Sat, 09-29-01, 03:22

Lupine is a European legume. Supposedly, there is a sweet lupine created in the USA that is available as pasta at health food stores. I haven't seen it as pasta, but I have seen lupine flour. And of course, avoided buying it. Warmly, Julie B.

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By arachide on Sun, 11-02-03, 18:12

Head's Up!

Avon's Skin-So-Soft Firming Body Lotion has lupine protein listed as an ingredient (Lupinus albus seed extract). Just bought a bottle the other day!

I'll post this in Alert's too.

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By Syd's Mom on Mon, 11-03-03, 01:48

Wow! I am so glad this was posted.

This summer I propogated alot (about 30 plants)of lupin flower plants in my neighbours flower gardens from one single little plant I had been given. The seeds that came off my 30 plants this fall self seeded themselves; are very large inside a pod much the same size as a peanut inside it's shell. I am blown away that there is a connection between lupin and peanut. It's hard enough keeping the squirrels from burying peanuts all over the gardens, but now I've added to the potential danger by propogating this plant throughout the gardens.

It's expected to pour rain for the next 5 days straight, but as soon as the sun rises, I'm heading out to the gardens and pulling every one of those now established plants, and will have to watch for sprouts come next spring to get all the newly spouted plants out before they flowers and set another round of seeds propogating.

My DD is always in the garden with me. A million thanks for posting this one.

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By KateB on Mon, 11-03-03, 02:05

Does anyone know if there is a danger from the lupin flower or seed pod just growing in the garden? I also just planted a lupin this spring, and my Mum told me to save the seeds, so I have some tucked away in an envelope. Should I throw the plant out? (I will throw the seeds out for sure.)

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