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Looking for article on \'quality of life\'

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By Tina724 on Fri, 04-02-99, 16:01

of peanut allergic children and families that is online. Anyone have a link to it?

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By zay-zay on Sat, 04-03-99, 16:41

John Weisnagel, M.D. makes reference to the study about the quality of life of children with peanut allergy in his article at [url="http://www.allerg.qc.ca/peanutallergy.htm"]http://www.allerg.qc.ca/peanutallergy.htm[/url]

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By StephenHammond on Tue, 04-06-99, 20:52

A paper was presented at the AAAAI convention press conference in Orlando this spring on Quality of Life. It was a canadian study. I am sure you could obtain a copy by called the AAAAI, public relations or press dept. The AAAAI web page is [url="http://www.aaaai.org"]http://www.aaaai.org[/url] and will have some contact #s. The study stated the impact of PA was similar to rheumatic disorders on families w/ children, but not most adults.

Nice to hear that the research validates that this diagnosis has an impact. We all know it does, but research is powerful.

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By Tina724 on Wed, 04-07-99, 03:07

Thanks! I think that's it.

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By petiejoe on Sun, 08-26-07, 01:11


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