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Long Island

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By on Sat, 01-29-05, 16:29

Anyone know of a good pediatric allergist on Long Island? Thanks. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By Andrhia on Fri, 06-03-05, 23:29

We see Dr. Raphael Strauss in Rockville Centre, and I've always been very pleased with him.

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By Going Nuts on Sat, 06-04-05, 22:53

Though I don't use him myself, Dr. LoGalbo at Schneider's Children's Hospital is supposed to be excellent. If I were going to switch, it would be to him.


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By Nutternomore on Sun, 02-11-07, 04:06

Amy (and other Long Islanders):

My brother's family may be in need of a good pediatric allergist (he lives in Commack) for their 2 yr old.

Any recommendations out his way. I know I can always suggest the Jaffe Institute @ Mt. Sinai, but they may be interested in closer options...

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By Going Nuts on Thu, 02-15-07, 00:57

Try Steven Weiss in Syosset (not terribly far from Commack). My neighbor uses him for her DD and is very impressed with him; she schleps quite a distance to see him.


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By Nutternomore on Sat, 02-17-07, 17:26


Thanks for the recommmendation...

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By Going Nuts on Sun, 02-18-07, 03:02

Any time!

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By momll70 on Thu, 02-22-07, 17:37

Dr. Sicklick in Cedarhurst. It's a bit of a drive for me but he is the best.

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