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London an Rome - just returned

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By Citymom on Sat, 06-21-08, 01:17

Just back from a brief visit-hope these hints are helpful to someone! My 12 yr old PA/TNA, etc, etc, son was game. We flew DL r/t and it was fine...over it was empty and on the return, a kind steward offered to pull the peanuts which i accepted. Between London and rome we flew Alitalia.i was nervous for this flight. had read that someone was fighting w/them to get on board due to the allergies..no problems-before i left they did call and ask if my son could breathe peanuts...and if he could use the epi pen...no peanuts were on board...and no issues at the airport
I took cereal, homemade granola bars as snacks, lots of oreos--and some sandwich meat for the plane. I still travel w/a thermos of pasta with sauce which my son did eat.
I also took some frozen meat sauce which the hotel heated up for me. I generally find the hotels very accommodating.

I was happy to have the cereal...avoid the buffet breakfasts...
In italy we were very lucky to have a small grocery near to the hotel..ate lots of ham on rolls.

Many simple restaurants in Rome and no nuts. I find the fancier the restaurants, they less they want to deal with the allergies. We left a "hot" spot in Rome for just this reason. Should anyone need restaurant names, i can look them up...one is right near the pantheon - alberto's de pantheon or something like that...everyone knows it and it was very good and very moderate in price.

we didn't take any risks and didn't have any problems!! ciao!

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By SkyMom on Sat, 06-21-08, 01:37

Glad you enjoyed your trip and that you had a "safe" trip.

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By sidni on Tue, 12-16-08, 12:46

If you still have the names of places you ate I would love to know--

I will be in Italy for 6 weeks this spring. I know some Italian and read it well- I'm also very familiar with traditional Italian food, so I'm not too intimidated by eating out frequently, but knowing the names of some places that were good for you would be a nice little extra comfort.

Of course, I'm horribly allergic to almonds and hazelnuts-- there goes ANYTHING sweet while I'm there ! :(

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By beagle on Tue, 01-13-09, 04:21

Hi, I would also love to know. We are travelling to Rome in June for 2 weeks, with our 14 year old (peanut, nuts, sesame, shellfish, peas, mango).

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