I am new on here and am truly grateful to you all for being a resource. Without what I have read on this website so far, I would know pretty much nothing. Last week my 14 month old son ate some...
I'm going to Winter formal with a date this year, but we're just going as friends. Should I be concerned if he ate something with peanuts in it, and then if he touches me? I do have an Epi-Pen, but I...
My 21 mo. old son was just diagnosed wiht penaut allergy yesterday. Doc said no nuts of any kind b/c he tested positive for pecans too. My 7 year old daughter pretty m uch is sustained by nut protein...
I am looking for advice from those who understand. My son who is 3.5 has been going to play school since he was 3 years old. I am on the board of the school and until now believed that they are...
I have not posted much this past month as we went on a 3 week trip to Asia. Hong Kong, Beijing, and Singapore! It was fun and exciting. With regards to my PA.. in Beijing, I only ate at McDonalds...
ok so i went out to dinner with some friends who are all aware I'm deadly allergic to peanuts. one of them ordered some peanut dish and i assumed she forgot that i almost died last time someone...
I'm wondering if anybody knows about potential allergens in the flavor extracts used in the Coke Freestyle fountain machines? My daughter has a life-threatening peanut allergy, and she is also...
I am brainstorming fundraising ideas in order to purchase EpiPens for our local school district. I am a huge fan of having epipens in every cafeteria, gymnasium, art room, music room, office, recess...
Hey everyone! Does anyone know of a list of peanut-free halloween candies? Not just candies without peanuts, but without any chance of peanut contamination, etc.
My 4 year old has recently been diagnosed with a peanut allergy. I am making safe cookies for him to eat for an in class party at his school but the recipe calls for almond extract. I purchased...
My roommate (age 21) is allergic to peanuts, shellfish, and dairy. She doesn't want to make the rest of the apartment (4 girls) stop eating foods we like, but we feel bad when she always has to avoid...
My mother-in-law just does not get it when it comes to my son's allergies. He is 1 1/2 years old and allergic to peanuts, milk, beef, and peas. So far his worst reaction has been breaking out all...
Hey everyone! Does anyone know of a list of peanut-free halloween candies? Not just candies without peanuts, but without any chance of peanut contamination, etc.
When I first heard about the "peanut dogs" I was so excited...But then I heard the price...$10,000 was a lot of money...Haha anyone with me on that? So I was curious to know if anyone had any ideas...
Hi, my name's Imogen, I'm 17 and have a severe peanut allergy, along with many other, less severe allergies to macadamia nuts, cats, dogs, moulds, pollen, etc etc! I've also moved out of home, ''into...
I've been looking at purchasing an epipen holder for my daughter. I just don't like the way the black case that the pediatrician gave us looks. So what cases has everyone else bought and how do you...
Hi folks, I have a ten-year-old son who has had a peanut allergy pretty much from birth (how did we find out? When he was six months he broke out in hives from his mother's breast milk. She had been...
I am the mother of four year old son, who has been diagnosed with a peanut allergy. My son will be entering the school system this fall and I have been advised to have him tested or allergy...
What are some of Your favorite things? Nail Polish- Shampoo/Conditioner- cosmetics- And whats your Fave Food-
Hi Everyone, I'm new here, and possibly new to the PA/TA world. I say possibly because I don't know for sure. To make a long story short, on the skin test I tested for pecans but the allergist...

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