I have a child who just turned 5. She has multiple food allergies with peanut being very severe. She went into anaphylactic shock the first time she had a reaction. She was 3 and a half. Once she...
When my 10 year old was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy (in 2005), we were instructed to avoid all types of nuts because "it is common for someone with a peanut allergy to develop allergies...
Once you were diagnosed with a food allergy, how did you deal with missing your favorite foods? What were some foods you could eat before but can no longer enjoy?
Hi there, We are going to travel to Edmonton, AB. Canada and I am wondering is anyone knows of any safe restaurants to eat at regarding peanuts. My children are anaphylactic allergic to peanuts. We...
My son is going to be 3 in April. When he was one and a half, we found out he was allergic to peanuts. At his last allergy appt, they did the newer allergy test to measure the specific IgE...
My son is allergic to peanuts, walnuts and pecans , we are considering a holiday to Bali , Indonesia , but I am concerned on what he wil l be able to eat there. Any advice or comments ? Feeling very...
Are any of you allergic to flax seed?
My 15year old son is allergic to peanuts and tree nut...we have been battling with his school to become more aware. On Halloween of this year the teachers ignored our request for no food in...
My son is 5 with a severe peanut + other nut allergy and we've been aware of his peanut allergy since he was <2 years old. His CAP RAST score is 176. We have been very careful about what he eats...
Three of the same chain grocery stores in our small town recently installed peanut and tree nut butter grinders in the health food section of the grocery store. This is the same section of the store...
My son is peanut/tree nut allergic have any of you use microwave popcorn as a snack? I'm always nervous to try new things with him. Many Thanks in advance ~Alisha
My son had hives, itching eyes and swollen lips as soon I give him an allergy medicine he fine dancing playing by an hour everything symptoms went down and 2 hours all is gone, my quetion is do I...
My son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at 15 months. His bloodwork indicated 10.5 which placed him at a level 3. He just went back at 2.5 year old check up..repeat bloodwork indicated his numbers...
Hi. My son was diagnosed with PA in Feb. 2012. He was twelve years old at the time, but I believe his story goes back to when he was six. He WAS NOT BORN with PA. Around six (probably following...
Is there any research out there showing a link between peanut allergy and allergy to other legumes? Or: does anyone know what percentage of people allergic to peanuts are also allergic to other...
I've had a peanut allergy since I can remember but have never had a very bad reaction. The most extreme reaction has been a swollen eye, still not sure how that happened, but usually I only get a few...
My family recently took a flight from Los Angeles to Oakland,Ca. The flight crew assured me that the flight did not include food service because the flight time was less than 1 hour. Ten minutes...
I have 2 children already, my oldest does not have any food allergies where my youngest son has a severe peanut allergy. I recently have been going back and forth about having another child. My body...
I read the list of safe candy given on this site. I was about to buy my son Hershey's plain chocolate personal size bars. Good thing I read the label. It says that it is processed on the SAME...
For those with a PA child , did you breastfeed or formula feed or combination? For all, when did you first introduce solids? When did you introduce peanuts? Im so curious! Some sites are saying...

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