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Peanut story and questions

I have a 14 year old with a severe peanut allergy who also happens to be autistic and non verbal as well ( yes, it sucks) my question is...he had his first reaction at 8 months old ( my fault, I was stupid) I had laid him down for a nap after lunch which included a pencil eraser sized portion of peanut butter that I also happened to be eating....he did nap a bit, but then started crying so I went to get him....he was covered in these huge blotchy hives!!! I didn't know if it was something I had put on him, such as lotion or the detergent....I called the dr and he said to give him Benadryl, which I did...he v omitted violently about 3 minutes later which is when I called 911. .... His little lips turned blue, and he got very weak and wobbly in my arms.... By then the paramedics had arrived and we rushed him to the ambulance where they gave him epinephrine ...after that he was fine...his breathing was never affected, and his throat or lips did not swell. At the ER I had not remembered what I had given him to eat, but after the dr asking me about 10 times I finally remembered the peanut butter...that was it! Fast forward 13 years and no reactions since that awful day due to strict diet control and making sure we are always prepared for anything and everywhere we go...we have hit some bumps almond the way( parents who don't get it, or think that I am lying and threatened to give him peanuts behind my back because they thought I was making it up) but we have survived just fine. My question is...I know I know, long story....what would happen the second time should he run into peanuts again? After hearing about the girl that just died despite the 3 epi pens and quick reaction from parents, i am now questioning if this is yet another thing I will have to worry about!! His RAST tests have continued to come back in the high range all these years, so he has not outgrown it in any way....should I look into immunotherapy possibly??? His autism won't kill him, and I can deal with that easily, but the peanut thing will possibly end his life, and when I am dead and gone who will protect him then? I'd like to get rid of the peanut allergy if possible......any insight to the immunotherapy wold be appreciated very much! Sorry for the long post


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