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peanut free table

My 6 year old daughter is highly allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and will be finishing kindergarten soon. Her school is not peanut free (which I have mixed feelings about but have come to terms with), but they do have peanut free tables. I was able to join her for lunch today and discovered that the "peanut free table" is really just the end of the regular table, so the last few seats are designated as nut free, but is connected to the regular table. So, if my daughter sits in the first nut free seat, she could potentially be sitting next to a child eating a peanut butter sandwich. On one hand I am horrified by this, but on the other I don't want her to be isolated and have to sit alone. We live in a small town and she is the only one in her class with an allergy. She has done pretty well this year and has only had a few very minor reactions at school. But all I can imagine is that little glob of peanut butter getting into her lunch somehow since she is sitting so close to it.I guess I want to know if anyone else would have a problem with this table situation or am I just worrying over nothing?

By Cali1530 on Tue, 07-02-13, 19:27

Hi there - I grew up with the exact same situation. I'm now 27 and hear about schools being completely nut free, which while very tolerant is not always the case. Mine certainly wasn't growing up and I was the only child in my grade also with an allergy. I find children are much more attentive and understanding of allergies as opposed to adults. I never personally had an issue sitting at my own table and was usually allowed to have 'a buddy' sit with me. When treated as a special table kids always seemed to be respectful. I hope the kids in your child's class are the same way and if so I don't think you should worry about them being left out. It's life, not everything goes as we want, I grew up that way and don't have any resentful memories from it.

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By cdnsmith on Fri, 06-28-13, 16:51

What is a 504 plan? Sorry I should probably know this, but I don't. My 3 year old will be attending pure k this year. The school is not peanut free, but they have a peanut free table, and her class us peanut free. Thanks for any help :-)

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By loriradakovich on Thu, 05-23-13, 05:24

My daughter has had the exact same issue. If your child isn't already on a 504 plan, get her on one. I was told 11yrs ago that I didn't have to put my kid on a 504 plan to keep her safe...I argued til I got her on a 504 plan. It has helped in MANY ways to keep my child safer in a public school system where nut products are still served. When you have a 504 in place you have yearly meetings with the school nurse, principal, school counselor, etc...all to come up with possible problems and possible solutions to problems at school. Not only the lunch table (BTW_ a big problem for us was that the same rags to clean the nut-free table were also used on ones for the other tables. Also, sometimes the kids were "helping" clean the tables and cross-contaminating the other tables. Problem was sort of solved ny having a sep. bucket and sep. rag/sponge for the nut-free tables. I've made hm-made cookies for YRS. that I put into individual bags, and then into a Tupperware and write in sharpie NO NUTS-and my child's name, that are given for b-day parties or 4 "snacks". My oldest Peanut Allergic/Tree-nut allergic child is now 13. She's still alive and I count my blessings everday that she is. A person once told me when they found out my kids were severely allergic to peanuts and tree-nuts that I would have to fight forever to keep them safe. They were right. Along the way I have found both people who have doubted the diagnoses, teachers who were afraid to use an epipen, and people who didn't want to invite my kids for play-dates or b-day parties. However, I stood by my kids and their lives. AND, I (and most importantly, my KIDS) now have wonderful friends(who know how to use epipens and aren't afraid to use them:)People who love my kids and even me for who we all are warts (or allergies) and all! We have found friends who are as close as family (and in some cases closer and more understanding of the food allergies). It's a tough road at times. It is. Like I said before, I have a 13yr-old, we found out she was allergic to peanuts at 15mths when she got ahold of a pb&j. One lick and hello what I call "death-watch" for 3 days. Horrible. But, she's a healthy and wonderful and ornery 13 yr old now. So, it is what it is. Hang in there! I hope I've helped a lil bit. I feel your pain. But keep fighting for your kiddo!

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