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Peanut bullying

Another cyberbullying Tweet I ran across and wish to share with you:

"I'm going as a peanut allergy for Halloween."


I find it disrespectful. We need to do more to spread awareness and prevent bullying of our peanut allergic kids by ignorant people.

I responded to the user that peanut allergy is a disability like any other medical condition, and she wouldn't dress up as a child wih Down Syndrome as an example? She replied that she was joking and I am psychotic. Goes to show you what kind of immature person she is. Instead of apologizing for her mistake and offense/insult she reacts by attacking me. I blocked her.

By pxleal on Thu, 09-26-13, 04:14

Other offensive, disgusting tweets I have seen recently:

"I am going as a peanut allergy for Halloween."
- @InnaKhandaker

"I don't mean to be offensive but shouldn't natural selection have gotten rid of kids with peanut allergy by now?"
- @AnnieMK45

"Oh you have a peanut allergy? Quit being a p***y."
- @baconacid

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By tomanyfoodalergies on Wed, 09-18-13, 20:08

yeah some people are ignorant but good for you for standing up for your child and all the child that is allergic to nuts. I want to say thank you

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