No more epipen?

Hello, I'm going into my junior year in high school and its time for me to stock up on epi pens again. But I'm not sure whether I should stick with the old epi pen or switch to auvi-q. I was diagnosed with a peanut and tree nut allergy 10 years ago so I am very familiar with the epi pen. But the auvi-q would be easier for my friends, or teachers to use if I were unconscious or otherwise unable to use it myself because the auvi-q gives audio and visual instructions. What should I do?

By bluemorningglory on Sat, 08-03-13, 04:37

I just bought the Auvi-Q for my son. It's nice because he can stick it in his pocket like a
cell phone. He still has the Epi Pen too
but he doesn't want to carry it since it's too big. It's nice that they came up with something for men. I would like to hear reviews from others if anyone has had to actually use it.

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