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New to this!

my son who is 16 months old, recently had a blood test at the gastroenterologist which accidentally discovered that he has what she referred to as a mild peanut allergy. Not knowing at all what this means I have kept him from any peanuts at all products that are manufactured near peanuts any tree nuts at all for fear that some raging peanut allergy is going to come out. Yesterday my son's class had a Valentines Day party and he brought home a bag of candy. He must have stashed a few pieces 01 of which was a peanut butter Twix that my young son got a hold of and I caught eating. It's been more than 20 minutes now and I see no signs of reaction at all is it possible that this blood test was wrong or should I be concerned still that something could happen to him later on in the day? I am very new to all of this no 1 in my family has ever had any sort of allergy to anything! Please help!

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