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Need a Peanut desensitization doctor in Washington State

Hi. My son entering college this fall is lethally allergic to peanuts when consumed. We have already confirmed this through both tests and unfortunate experiences in the past where he had to be rushed to ER and had close calls so frightening to us. We now carry Epi Pens where ever we go, and he is well aware of how to be careful and read all labels, and never assume something is ok to consume. However, now that he will be far from home, I want to locate a peanut desensitization program/doctor in the state of Washington where he may be able to be treated with the desensitization program during his time in college. He'll be studying in Pullman, but we can arrange travel to other cities in Washington state if it is necessary in order to receive desensitization treatment. If anyone can recommend to me a doctor that does this, please inform me. I am not interested in clinics that test and medicate for this. We want a desensitization program. Thank you in advance! I've googled but can't seem to find any except in other parts of the US.

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