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My oldest is allergic to nuts, and we are a nut-free

My oldest is allergic to nuts, and we are a nut-free home. My younger children have not been introduced to nuts because I can't figure out a safe way to do so that won't risk accidental exposure to my oldest. We homeschool and live in a rural environment, so we don't have activities at this point that take the kids away from each other for several hours even. What do others do in this position? My allergist is putting on pressure for us to introduce nuts, but I can't see taking the kids outside every two weeks and feeding them from a secret stash of PB and then scrubbing them clean and worrying non-stop anyways. Maybe I'm overthinking it? Any help is appreciated!

By Hagginz on Fri, 03-28-14, 10:05

hi just a little background, im 25 and ive been deathly allergic to all nuts since ive been born. i am younger of 2 children and my mother and father had the same problem. they were AMAZING in every aspect of my life with my allergy, we barely any nut products in the house, but the were kept in a small cabinet out of reach, in tight containers, everybody washed hands and immediately washed dishes, as long as the infortmation is out there about the necessity of the safety it will be fine, my brother did awesome with me, and so did all of my friends. i know it doesnt sound like much help but i think it coming from a person who is allergic it might put at ease, even though your post is from a while ago. im always looking for people to talk to about nnut allergies. any questions or concerns send me a message! i got a huge list of usenames and passwords of sites like these accumulated over the years on notepad haha

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By nannie on Wed, 12-11-13, 03:21

I don't envy your position! I wish I had a good solution for you. All I could come up with if for the siblings to stay overnight at a relative or friends house when they eat the nut product. Does the doctor fully understand your situation and concerns? It doesn't seem like it to me. I'm a nurse and I know how the doctors rush people through the appointments. Maybe schedule a visit with the doctor just so you can talk without the children around. Prepare a list of questions and concerns and make sure that the doctor addresses them to your satisfaction. You may even need to find another allergist who will listen to you. Unfortunately there are many battles that we have to fight when our children have food allergies. The doctors shouldn't be one of the battles!

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By [email protected] on Wed, 12-11-13, 01:23

I dont think your over thinking this at all. If all of the kids are together as much as you describe, and trust me if 1 has had pb or nuts, it's a huge routine to get them cleaned up, i dont see how your dr is thinking introducing nuts to them. Can he not do an allergy test on them to see if they are or are not allergic to pb or tree nuts. Seems like the safer way to go to me

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By theory on Wed, 12-11-13, 02:37

My oldest is allergic to nuts. We're planning on taking my younger child to our allergist for skin testing. If there is a positive (and there seems to be a good chance of a false positive), then she'll arrange a supervised food challenge. If there is no reaction, we'll eventually try it (probably in the parking lot of a hospital or something). We don't plan to have nuts in the house, but it would good for us to know how much we need to be concerned.

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