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A research team at the University of Illinois has found a way to use a smart phone coupled with a small set of optical components to detect toxins, proteins, bacteria, viruses and other molecules. When used with the proper testing materials, this device is capable of detecting the allergens at very low levels that people can be sensitive to. See a press release at :

I am conducting an initial marketing research effort to determine whether it is desirable to commercialize this as a product which can be offered for sale. Your input and feedback will help us make that determination. Please share this with others
Please email a completed form back to me at
Marketing Research Questions for Parent.docx - Google Drive

By survivingfood on Fri, 10-18-13, 00:50

Sounds interesting, but imagine if it fails to function properly one time for someone who is very sensitive...

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By JimMSP on Fri, 10-18-13, 15:28

Thanks for your comment. You should add this to a survey.
But you run the same risk when you buy any food labeled "does not contain peanuts" or "made in a plant that does not use peanuts". Many of these foods and/or processing plants are tested using a chemical test identical to the one used in the possible product described here.

The purpose of this survey is not to claim a perfect product, or even give statistics. It is to determine whether people with peanut allergies would even consider a product or device so they could test a food for themselves.
You could help us by completing a survey - and stating your concerns.

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