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I'm curious as to why the lack of response to a survey

I posted a request the other day for you to participate in a market survey for a potential device to test for peanuts in food at home, at a friends house, etc.

To date, I've had zero response, including no questions or comments posted here.

I'm curious to know why no one has responded.
Could anyone enlighten me as to why the lack of interest?


By JimMSP on Tue, 10-22-13, 18:06

Thanks to those who have responded. I have sent you a survey.

Anybody else who is interested can find a description and a link to download the survery at

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By Hagginz on Fri, 03-28-14, 09:57

i have just registered to this site. i did a lot of searching on the internet from about 18-20 about my peanut and nut allergy and i had gotten almost all of the information i needed at the time. sadly, i have not been as diligent in finding the new information that is coming trhough because of the ever growing rate of anaphilactic shock allergies. a device to detect allergens would be a great idea i will have a read about it. i have also read about dogs being trained to sniff nuts, a special needs animal but i would imagine that would cost thousands. i know you just got on here to see a stimulus for this product you were speaking of, but any questions/concerns about the peanut/nut allergy game, im your man, email me at: [email protected], im 25 with severely fatal allergies to all nuts, and ive made it this far

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By tropics on Mon, 10-21-13, 11:53

I can participate, as others I don't come here too often and just seen your post today. Contact me at aurelija25 at yahoo

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By AD75 on Sun, 10-20-13, 16:26

I would be happy to participate. Do you have a website or blog, etc?

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By warriormom7 on Sun, 10-20-13, 15:51

i would be happy to participate in the survey. to be honest, i don't visit this page as much as i used to so i had not seen your post until today. i often come on and the information i am looking for has a response that is only as recent as 2006? or 2008? that's not very helpful when trying to find out the safety of a particular food item, which is usually what i do on here. but to answer your questions, Jim, yes, i would love to participate in the survey. you may contact me directly at [email protected]

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By JimMSP on Sat, 10-19-13, 02:23

I see a lot of concern posted here. Does anybody want to be proactive?

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