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Families with food Allergies

Do people have to stay away from them if they eat peanuts? For how long?

By TheJills27 on Thu, 05-08-14, 01:27

I always wash my hands & mouth and I've read that it stays in your saliva for 2 - 3 hours after you eat it, so no smooches!

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By Hagginz on Fri, 03-28-14, 10:13

i am allergic to nuts, and i know that i would not like someone to touch me skin to skin after they had eaten something with nuts, or be talking right in my face, people with allergies are very sensitive to the thing it is, and nuts get some of the worst reactions, even breathing close range in a childs face can irritate. so i would always wash hands or brush teeth if possible to be kind for the person in question's "ailment" i'll call it. ALSO SOMETHING NEVER TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY: over the last 10 years i have been noticing a serious uprising in nut oils being used in cosmetic and beauty products. i have anxiety about rubbing things into my skin, or coming into contact with a lovely woman because they always use lip balms and lotions. hope i could help!

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