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EpiPen fundraiser for schools

I am brainstorming fundraising ideas in order to purchase EpiPens for our local school district. I am a huge fan of having epipens in every cafeteria, gymnasium, art room, music room, office, recess kits, and school buses. I know that schools are on a tight budget so I am brainstorming ideas before presenting them to the PTA or school board. My son has a severe hazelnut allergy and an even more severe peanut allergy. In our school alone there are 2 kids out of the 35 kindergarteners in his class with severe peanut allergies. Anyone have any ideas? Anyone had any successful fundraisers to purchase epipens? Or success in convincing the school on the importance of epipens in the classroom & cafeteria?

By bob anderson on Fri, 11-02-12, 09:35

There is a program to give every public and private school(K-12) in the country 4 free Epipens. After the free pens, there is a discount program for $112.10 per 2 Pak.

Please go to epipen4schools.com for details or call 973-845-7600

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