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Eating Out Recommendations/Tips

My son is 10 and is allergic to peanuts and other tree nuts (pretty much everything but pecan) at varying levels. He was diagnosed at 5. He is also allergic to other things like beans and sesame. We have been very fortunate that he has never had a severe reaction, but that is in part because we are very cautious. He does not eat anything at home unless we know it is not supposed to be cross contaminated and we maintain a completely nut free home.

We only have a handful of places that we will eat out at and I was hoping for some ideas of other chains to expand our horizons.

By MKBarcl68 on Sat, 08-03-13, 18:12

Hi Heather-
I am not sure of your geographical location, however, CiCi's Pizza is PN/TN free!! All items, including deserts are safe! Naturally, always check with Management of your local chain to be sure that they follow all policies and procedures...http://www.cicispizza.com/menu-nutrition/allergen-information As you can see from the PDF, none of their prodcuts contain the allergens!! And the food is not too terrible:) As far as the major chains, we do not trust ANY of them; McD's-Serve salads that sometimes have PN/TN, bags of PN for sundaes Wendy's-PN/TN in salads ..etc.. And Pizza Hut..Huge NO!! Tons of their products including chicken are "May Contain"..
It is very daunting, but we really make 90% of our foods from scratch..Too risky these days!!

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By alexakay on Sun, 08-04-13, 07:05

Wow, I didn't know CiCi's was PN/TN free! We no longer live near one but this is good to know. I agree with checking with management. I also don't trust many of the major chains. The restaurants that we feel safe frequenting are locally owned, and those are few and far between. We also make most of our food from scratch because of how allergic our daughter is.

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