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Delta- excellent response on PA flying last week

I can't find the edit option to put this under "travel" or actually write my original comment. Many years since I posted under different ID and things have changed.

Anyway, my son and I did a spring break trip visiting colleges on Delta last week- 4/20 through 4/23. There were six flights, they made an announcement on all six flights, gate agents and flight attendants were all responsive. He pre boarded on all flights and was able to do a wipe down, no peanuts served, etc. I had called immediately after booking to have him flagged in their reservation system. It actually worked and was there for every gate agent to see in the system when he approached the agent. A really excellent experience, Delta did outstanding job handling PA.

He is 18 and I made him do all the talking and wipe down. He got tired of it, but I am trying to make sure he is trained prior to all his college travel next 4 years to an out of state school.

As far as colleges, he had encounters with a PA former student and present admissions counselor at Marquette in Milwaukee, and an RA on the residence tour at Missouri Science and Technology. Actually talking to someone who had been through working with the food service and ate at local restaurants for over four years at school was quite helpful. Both of these guys had made it through without a serious reaction and had plenty of safe food to eat. These were chance encounters, but wish admissions and college tours would link you to someone at every school you tour it was so helpful and reassuring.

By dorry85 on Tue, 04-29-14, 16:53

Thank you for sharing. My family has been hesitant to fly with our severe PA/TA teenager, but with your post, I feel more confident making reservations and will follow your guidelines in doing so. Very helpful post.

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By DeepDiveAdmin on Tue, 04-29-14, 16:48

Dear calmom,

Thank you for coming back to the site and sorry for the confusion - it looks like you created a discussion with only a title, saved it, then added a comment.

In the future, after you login, click "create content" on the top left, then "New Discussion", then enter a title, select a category and enter your text in the "Body" area. Then save.

I went ahead and fixed this for you.

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